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Back Opinion Remember the ‘little things’ in 2012

Remember the ‘little things’ in 2012

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I WAS sitting with my family on Christmas morning when I realized how fast this year has gone by. It’s been an eventful year for all of us, especially as this new administration took on new roles, accepted new challenges, and got to work on an aggressive agenda.

But as I reflected on 2011 holding my new grandson and watching my children open their presents with my beautiful wife by my side, I realized how easy it is to get caught up in the “big things” that we so often forget to take time out for the “little things.”

While I think it’s important to keep an eye on the big issues in our community and the things we need to do to build a stronger future, I think it’s equally important to pay just as much attention to the things that happen on our daily journeys. Whether it’s taking an afternoon walk with my wife on one of Guam’s beaches or reading a story to kids at P.C. Lujan Elementary School, I want to refocus some energy into the things in life that get put to the side when priority lists get longer and monthly calendars fill up with invitations and events.

I think this is something that can benefit us as individuals as well as a community. I want my agency leaders to not only move forward in their projects, but also take a look at things in their offices that have become “standard.” How can we change smaller things in our agencies to make things run more efficiently? It doesn’t take something as big as reorganizing or consolidating agencies to make customer service more friendly – just a little more attention to things that get overlooked.

I also invite each of you to join me in taking time out to not only remember the things in life that matter most, but to take time out to actually enjoy these things. Spend time with your families swimming at the beach on Saturday. Leave the mobile phones at home and don’t worry about what the office may have in store on Monday.

We all have important jobs. We’re parents, grandparents and volunteers. We give our time to organizations that make Guam better and we are all working hard to invest in a bright future for this community.

But, in the midst of the good work we do, let’s take the time to relish our accomplishments. Most important, let’s give more of our time to the people we work so hard for in the first place: our precious families and our wonderful friends.

We’ve already proven that we can be progressive, that we can change things for the better. This year is proof that the community is capable of making anything happen. Let’s make 2012 an even better year – one where every accomplishment is accompanied by a great memory because we took the time out to celebrate the little things with those we love most.

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