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Politics and gambling

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WELL, there’s still no word about the Democrats’ gubernatorial team for this year’s election.

The renewable revolution

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WITH just a few days before the celebration of Guam Earth Month, the island has never been closer to achieving a revolution in renewable energy.

Is the Guam buildup a strategic mistake?

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ALTHOUGH President Obama’s $3.9 trillion budget plan for fiscal 2015 has a lot of good news for the Guam buildup, this still has to pass Congress.

Is the GOP stealing the grassroots from the Democrats?

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A FUNNY thing is happening this election season – the traditional roles of the Democrats and the Republicans seem to have been reversed.

Adelup is winning the propaganda war

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EVEN without a formal declaration yet of who the GOP’s gubernatorial opponent will be, the Republicans have begun building up their machinery, holding village meetings left and right.

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