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12 23Sat04182015


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Florida court order may affect Guam

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HERE’S news that may adversely affect Guam: A ruling from a federal district court in Florida last month may throw a monkey wrench in H-2 visa applications.

Guam can learn from Singapore

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LEE Kuan Yew, one of the last great leaders of our time and the father of modern Singapore, died this week at the ripe age of 91.

A new hotel and an historic month for Guam tourism

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YOU can’t miss it because it’s already the tallest building, not only in Tumon, but on the whole island.

Remembering EDSA

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THIS week's symposium at the University of Guam organized by the Philippine Consulate on Guam about the EDSA "People Power" revolution in the Philippines transported me back in time.

Guam’s Achilles heel?

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A NEW war-game scenario involving Guam and a Chinese pre-emptive strike in the Pacific is making the rounds in defense circles, especially now when the Obama administration’s commitment to the so-called “Pacific pivot” is being called into question.

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