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The lessons of Saipan

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SAIPAN is now slowly but surely recovering from the devastating effects of Typhoon Soudelor, but for the first few weeks after the typhoon, the island was virtually paralyzed as the government seemed unable to cope with the damage wrought by the typhoon.

Media moves and the wide open race for 2018

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A NUMBER of startup plans are brewing in the island’s media industry which will surely make Guam’s media landscape even more exciting as the election season nears.

Wired Guam

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DON’T you feel blessed that for such a small island, Guam has not one, not two, but four telecom providers?

Imagine Guam

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AN EFFICIENT mass transit system using the latest tube transport technology, new “clean and green” service industries, and more sustainable agriculture and aquaculture are just some of the ideas being bandied about in the Imagine Guam program recently launched by the governor’s office.

Guam-Philippines business ties on the rise; India copies Guam soccer model

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THE last few weeks have seen a flurry of economic activity between Guam and the Philippines capped by a trade delegation to the Philippines led by no less than Gov. Eddie Calvo himself.

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