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12 23Thu11262015


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Adelup’s trap

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And in the end, after all the sturm and drang, the status quo remains.

Fernandez and the pay hike controversy

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You have to hand it to Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez.

Calvo takes on the CCU

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There’s been a stream of good news coming out of the Guam Power Authority lately – from the stabilization of its TEMES and MEC generators to Wednesday’s official opening of the Dandan solar energy facility.

Ocean energy for Guam

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With the Guam Power Authority already considering various power generation alternatives, it might as well look at the bigger picture and make longer term plans to increase our energy sources and lessen our dependence on fossil fuel.

GPA blues and the Guam killer

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Just when we thought our load-shedding days were over, the Guam Power Authority announced this week that more sporadic outages are possible as GPA continues to investigate and eventually repair Cabras 3 and 4, which were taken offline after a fire.

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