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12 23Sat11012014


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Water rate likely to increase

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GWA to be billed $1.8 million more for Navy water purchase

STARTING fiscal 2015,the Navy will be billing the Guam Waterworks Authority 40 percent more for water purchases, or $1.8 million more than what the waterworks authority was billed at the end of the previous year.

Jury hears closing argument in Agababa murder trial

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THE jury in the Agababa case yesterday heard the closing arguments from the defense and prosecution, bringing the murder trial closer to conclusion.

Calvo releases $1.5M for Hay plan; signs police overtime bill

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643 hospital employees to receive pay increases

GOV. Eddie Calvo announced yesterday that 643 Guam Memorial Hospital employees were to receive another partial payment of their Hay-based salary increases in yesterday’s paycheck.

Debate highlights contrast between candidates

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THE Thursday night throwdown between gubernatorial candidates Gov. Eddie Calvo and former Gov. Carl Gutierrez highlighted the key contrasts between the two, according to Ron McNinch, associate professor at the University of Guam.

UOG study encourages 10% cut in agricultural imports

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A RECENT study released by the University of Guam-Pacific Center for Economic Initiatives indicated that the local economy would benefit in multiple ways by reducing Guam's importation of select agricultural products by as little as 10 percent and produce them locally instead.

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