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Back Local ‘Most Hated’ pleads not guilty to charges

‘Most Hated’ pleads not guilty to charges

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MIXED martial arts fighter Alex Castro, who goes by the name "Most Hated," pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of aggravated assault and robbery as felonies.  

His attorney Stephanie Flores tried to persuade the judge to release him from jail with a $35,000 property bond and three third party custodians. 

The Attorney General's Office objected because the property is actually owned by his brother and they did not believe that would be a sufficient deterrence,  and the custodians were all significatly younger than Castro, 29.  


The two friends offering to be custodians are each 19 and 18 years old, and Castro's brother is 22 years old. The two young men and one woman were interviewed by the judge and the assistant attorney general prior to the judge's ruling.

Judge Alberto Tolentino denied Castro's request, "You do come with a reputation and the court has to consider that effect on a 18, 19, and 22 year old."

Tolentino told Castro he did not believe the three had sufficient authority to "protect the safety of the community and the victims."  

"The court must take into account these two aggravated assault charges both involving a deadly weapon, and you yourself are a deadly weapon because of your skills," said the judge.

Castro may get another chance if he can provide someone with a little more authority over him to serve as his custodian. "Get yourself some good third party custodians, and then it may be reconsidered," said the judge.

Castro was arrested for first degree robbery and aggravated assault both with a special allegation of possession and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony.

On Jan. 24, Diakossoi Kuykendall walked into one of the precincts of Guam Police Department to make an aggravated assault complaint against Castro, according to court documents.  

Kuykendall reported that he and Castro along with two other individuals got into a car after work to go to Denny's. Then they all were invited by Castro back to his place to "hang out".

Kuykendall reported that soon after entering the residence Casto took out a 9mm gun and "pistol whipped him" while Castro repeatedly asked him "what he could do for him."

The victim reported that another man held him while Castro repeatedly hit him with the gun and his fist. He further reported that his mouth was taped and he was stripped of his clothing.

The officer noted swelling and bruising on the victim's face and on his right side rib cage, according to court documents.

Kuykendall reported that Castro took $300 from him that night and demanded $3000 a month. Kuykendall said he agreed so that the beating would stop.

Castro is also charged with hitting a man with a fire extinguisher at a karaoke bar several days after the Jan. 24 incident.

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